LIFE GOAL ~  net-financial-worth: one Indian rupee

How I spent $375,999,999.00 (CDN):

Budget update(s):

Check back here for a virtual budget update meeting.  

order, items, and amounts may change: 

December 24, 2018, I signed the sacred contract and announced my name $_______ (To be updated) 

January 1, 2019, I began saving 10% of everything that came in 💲💲💲 financially.  

  • Here’s how I spent what I saved: $375,999,999.00 x 10% = $37,599,999.90
  • Henrietta, Hottie, and Coolio $5,000.00
  • Bedding $
  • Pee pads $
  • Poo bags $
  • Transition food $
    Healthier raw food $ 
  • Collar and harness $ 
  • Food and water bowls $ 
  • Kong $ 
  • Exercise pen $ 
    Petsmart obedience classes $ 
  • Crate $
  • Telescopic pooperscooper $
  • Toys $
  • Bells for door $ 
  • Trupanion $
  • ID dog license $ 
  • Annual vet visits $ 

Date: ________  

4 door luxury edition fully loaded SUV that Henrietta, Mom, and Dad, and I, can sit in easily and comfortably $$75,000.00; 

~ The gold wrap lengha skirt $350.00

~ Palest peachy pink tailored top $125.00

~ Cement Buddha Bliss $85.00;

~  New wardrobe supporting local artists, and designers $12,000.00

~ ~ ~ Previous closet items donated $^^^^

~ Dinner date with the entire family $2,800.00 (7 plus, 3 spouses plus, 7 grandchildren plus, 2 of their spouses, 3 parents of niece and nephew-in-law, 6 grandparents-in-law is 28).... whatever we don’t spend on dinner is donated to the local food bank(s) and firehalls supporting the Elementary school breakfast program. 

Date: ________ 

Paid off line of credit: $24,000.00; 


Date: ______ Donated 2006 Honda Civic LX, as is $^^^^^^

UBER budget for Mom and Dad (alerts to siblings) includes daily drives for recreation

$750.00 per month. 


Soil core sample, and analysis:

Looking for more layers that are evenly spaced. This tells me that the area is gentle and welcoming $~~~


99-year-free-leased 5-acre property guardianship, with fruit trees, where I have the opportunity to solicit volunteers to pick the fruit and help deliver it to the local food banks. Fresh fruit for everyone every summer.
Real estate agent fees $~~~~25k

(after the 99-year-free-lease period is over, the land returns to the city that provided it)... I am currently open for offers; 


Dental care for me, and mom, and dad $~~~~ 10k


Architect collaboration on THE INDOOR OUTDOOR ROUND MOUND $~~~~


Flatpack surf shack, 1,800 ft.², customized: fully wheelchair accessible main floor includes bedroom and bathroom, a multi-generational forever home $~~~~  (after the 99-year-free-lease period is over, the home returns to the builders that provided it (...yup, advertising for you). 


Solar panels $~~~~


Water purification devices $~~~~


Animal poo digester $~~~~


Organic gardening $~~~~


Wes for the decking $~~~~

Height and tilt adjusting desk $~~~~ 


Wool mattress $~~~~;

Porcelain holes-in-the-ground. 

Indoor and outdoor; 


Toilets with built-in bidets, rinsed with clean water, using existing plumbing, but flushed with laundry run-off water, using newly created plumbing model. 


🐴 for neighbours; 


Wagon $~~~~


Cave splunking with Claire $~~~~


Nintendo Wii $~~~~


Designed eco-friendly Street art/flags: 

Green parrots in the summertime sky ~ 

 $~~~~ symbolizing Surrey, where East (India) truly meets West (Canada).


Gifted to my India 🇮🇳 brother, ਭੀਰੀ, a customized home for three generations, under one roof, with privacy.   Alternate-facing-decks, for him and his family. University education for each child... my nieces and nephews.


Trip to Osoyoos with the entire family $~~~~. I cover hotel, airfare, transportation, food, child assistance with CPR skills, GIFT $~~~~


Support books, local Theater and the Arts 

Gift 🎁 tickets to events and experiences $~~~~


Hire film crew and shoot Thuva Thuvla  $~~~~August


Neelamjit D. 

Boris S. 

Dalj B. Producer. 

Mike G. Cam op. Editor 

Prab B. 

Dayah B. 


The SURREY GIRLS series:

From campaigning, advertising, casting, producing, shooting, editing, marketing, distributing stages $~~~~


Hire film crew and shoot The Business Dinner $~~~~August 

Rebecca S. soundtrack (Electric Fire 🔥 ...I’m growing...) $~~~~

Johanne M. 


Donated to the Vipassana meditation retreat $3,000.00; 

Donated to KCTS9.ORG


Donated to The Knowledge Network


Donated to the National Film Board (NFB)


Donated to KK’s Nest Education Scholarship


Donated to Violin 🎻 Tutor’s patreon



Make movies: 

Mine and yours; 

Yours & Mine. 



GRATITUDE (FORGIVENESS) Building: $3,000,000.00 

BALANCE (BEING) Building: $3,000,000.00 

LOVE (ACCEPTANCE) Building: $3,000,000.00 

BREATHE (REST) Building: $3,000,000.00;

Receiver General for Canada $10,000,000.00;

For the 2019 tax year.  


With all the time, 

With all the money, 

With all the health, 

I wake up, and simply get to be; 

I joyfully embrace being in this physical body 🗺 


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Here’s how I spent the remaining 90% $338,399,999.10: Executive Producing 


My net worth at death: $1 Indian Rupee

(notice how it all came back to you ;-)