“…I have been extremely happy with the level of dedication to service that you have provided.  Here is a summary of what I need to thank you for:

  1. For being mistake-free. This is something that is very, very important to me as past mistakes… had been costly to me.
  2. For always following up and doing what you said you will do.  I feel I can trust you 100%.  It is quite an achievement …”

Client, Mutual Fund Direct

“… you are highly motivated to get up to speed on relevant processes and supporting documentation.  You are very reliable and consistently produce high quality work...You are a very capable communicator, listening attentively and using your judgement, to effectively transfer information through project teams…”

Tempworks Coordinator, Accenture Utilities BPO

“…I cannot speak of Manjit without saying how impressive her organization skills truly are…I admired Manjit’s professionalism, her business demeanour, and her ability to communicate effectively with different levels of the executive and management teams…”

Transition Coordinator, Cartier Partners Securities Inc.

smartphone video workshop - testimonials:

  • I enjoyed the class. It was energizing.  Excellent!
  • Great tips.  I feel more ready, confident and optimistic.
  • The information was very helpful and gave me ideas on different ways to use video.
  • Learning features of the phone, and the possibilities.
  • Lots of valuable information on how to improve production value of videos.
  • Well prepared. Easy to understand.
  • All of it, your tips, sharing your knowledge.

I asked my friends, family and former colleagues: 

What was it like, to work with me?
What words come to mind when you think of me and my work?

Here's what they wrote back:

~ "When we worked together at Deloitte you seemed to be driven and not easily deterred. You presented yourself as possessing a subtle yet firm confidence - clearly you have always been true to yourself."

~ "Well it was amazing you had an open mind always eager to learn something new and you never shy away from a challenge."

~ "You are a very dedicated and honest worker"

~ "Visionary, inspirational, innovative, resourcefully, conscientious and most of all ethical."

~ "You are hardworking and determined."

~ "What I likes the most about you is your attitude, always positive and always willing to share. Either experiences or emotions you were always very open and were never short on words. This is probably why you found your true calling as a writer."

~ "You are such a delight to be with. Refreshing.....humourous....classy are some words that immediately pop into my mind whenever I think about you. I also remember how very caring you were over Wolfgang. You truly are one of a kind."

~ "You're very thorough while at the same time keeping the end goal in sight. In my experience, that's an uncommon combination."

~ "Service oriented, thorough, detailed, objective driven"

~ "For the short time we worked together; what I noticed the most is your people skills and dedication in your job."

~ "In short you are a reliable and dependable worker"

~ "I would say it was lovely working with you. You were very clear and concise with all of your communications and you did your due diligence in all of your tasks. I would say you pay great attention to detail and you strive for the best."

~ "I would say you are approachable, friendly, hard working, independent, and detail orientated."

~ "Enjoyable, Best part of my day"

~ "Calm, respectful, accomidating, intelligent, pride in your work, kept your cool under stress"

~ "I worked with you to set up picnics and some events to bring family together. You are the most organized and work your plans to get things on time. Oh not to forget that your the most punctual blood relative I know."

~ "Creative, reliable, punctual, focused."

~ "Working with you was a little difficult as we where both a little stubborn... Jajajajaj... But loved it! I had the best time ever! And wish we could redo it all over again!"

~ "I think you are a really passionate, really focus on the end objective, you have a clear mind on what to do to achieve that, you can think clear when obstacles are in front, that makes you find the best way to solve the problem."

~ "You were always thought of as sweet and pleasant. Respectful and professional."

~ "Dedicated, professional, thorough, detailed, smart, fun"

~ "What a great pleasure it was to have met you today at the SBOT and to chat with you this afternoon. I feel a warm energy when around you and speaking to you."

~ "I do recall that you were always pleasant to work with."

~ "I thought you were very effective in your role in organizing the film shoot we did together. You were bright and cheery, well able to handle the tasks and collaborated well.  I was surprised that you did not pursue more work in the film industry proper, as I thought you would be a good fit, and would have been happy to recommend you."

~ "I remember the few times we talked - you were kind and intelligent"

~ "I always found you very friendly, caring and curious. Never happy with settling for something sub par."

~ "You're very professional in your work, accurate, precise, focused, organized but with a dash of temper ;) still after graduation I thought how perfect you would be for anyone's crew."

~ "What I remember about you was how poised you were. You were always impeccably dressed and very well spoken. That inspired confidence and lead me to believe that any task you were given would be well organized and completed to very high standards."

~ "I loved working with you, you were always positive and were in good spirits."

~ "Professional, you were always ready for what the position held and that is never easy in a school. You met all challenges with a professional attitude and outlook."

~ "I always found you to be a very pleasant and friendly person, and I have no doubt that you'll succeed at anything you do."

~ "What I can share is my impression about you. I think you are a very good communicator, can express things well and very outgoing."

~ "Honostly, i have not work with you to give you a complete answer to this. However, i feel you are with a highbryd of of goods of both, that means good of both Canadian and Indian cultures. Eg: you speack very good English but not slang, that come from your Indian culture.. i hope for it is much easy to work with you than Canadian Canadians for may of new immigrants.. and people of south Asian cultures.."

~ "clean, succient, compete .. words come to your mouth."

~ "Very positive working together, focused, great sense of humour, excellent time management, organized, carries through on expectations, risk taker."

~ "It was a pleasure working with you in the past."

Niko Productions
I Simplify Communication