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video interviews




Using an iPhone and tripod, I sat down with Joanna, and asked her a few questions about mediumship.  These clips are from that first video interview (February 2015). 

Today, your video package includes  the addition of professional SOUND and LIGHTING equipment.

Video tutorials (How TO)



Short HOW-TO videos showing the process of picking flowers for a vase & making a traditional Punjabi masala spice mix.

My passion for relationships and storytelling led to a year of studying film production at Vancouver Film School.  What a year!!  It turned my life inside out and upside I feel right side up :) 

Does your service have a story to tell?

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Gentle Currents Jeanette Dadson


The goal with neurofeedback is a more relaxed, less stressed, better functioning and focused individual.

Jeanette Dadson is a Certified Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS) Technician. Trained as a nurse, and with extensive training and a background in helping children recover from traumatic brain Injuries, Jeanette provides neurological interventions and therapeutic treatments. She works closely with Pediatric Psychiatrists, Pediatric Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Pediatricians, as well as the Ministry of Children and Family Development, and Intensive Child Care Resources.

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Kameko Walker


Kameko Walker is an ethical conservation photographer.  Amazingly talented!!  Like most of us, she found it difficult to talk about herself.  While her pictures speak to her talent, it is my privilege to have penned her story. 

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Sundher Group - Tom Sundher - Coast Clear Wood
Published Articles: DESI TODAY magazine
Niko Productions - Writer - Manjit Bains - Arranged Marriage in the 21st Century
Niko Productions - Writer - Manjit Bains - Indian Men on Benches
Niko Productions - Writer - Manjit Bains - Christmas Dinner Indian Style
Kalki Koechlin shines as Laila in Margarita, With a Straw – Indian film opens #VIWIFF2015
Kalki Koechlin shines as Laila in Margarita, With a Straw – Indian film opens #VIWIFF2015

Marketing Campaign: Father's Day


Niko Productions - Writer - Manjit Bains
LANDING PAGE - Website:  A Teacher for a Day Is a Father for a Lifetime

There is an old saying, “A teacher for a day is a father for a lifetime”. The key is finding the right teacher for you.

[Martial Arts School] wants to help you do that, so to celebrate this Father’s Day, we are giving dads XX days of free fitness and martial arts classes.

Claim Your Free Classes Here!

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Happy Father’s Day!

FACEBOOK - Landing Page:  Happy Father’s Day!! 
You Work Hard. Now Come out, and Play Hard!

This Father’s Day, we want to help you give that special guy in your life, the perfect gift!

Free fitness and martial arts classes – a great way to honor him this Father’s Day.

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FACEBOOK - Post: Well, It Certainly Isn't Flowers, and a Box of Chocolates

Have the perfect Father’s Day gift picked out? We’ve come up with something special that is sure to get his heart pumping. And the bonus, it’s free!! Click the link for details, and register your dad today!

FACEBOOK - Post:  This Father’s Day, Satisfy His Inner Bruce Lee

Have you been scrambling to find the perfect gift for the man who has everything? Best family ever…check! Fun that is free…well, if you sign him up for our Father’s Day special…check! The details are here, and space is limited. Sign up your dad today!

FACEBOOK - Post - Alternate Campaign:  The Gift of Time

This Father’s Day, [Martial Arts School] is hosting an overnight stay for your kids. They enjoy fun activities, while you enjoy some free time. No gift-wrap required. Space is limited. To learn more, click the link, and register your kids today!

FACEBOOK - Post - Alternate Campaign: The Best Thing About Being a Parent…

…making your kids smile! This Father’s Day, bring your kids to [Martial Arts School] for an overnight stay. Your kids will have a fun time, while you enjoy the night off. Space is limited, so book now. Click the link to register your kids!

EMAIL #1:  The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Dear [Client],

HI-YA! Fun to yell, and called by many different names, this kiai tightens abs and regulates breathing.

After a long hard day, where do you go when you want to let out a primal yell or scream?

Come down to [Martial Arts School]. We offer a safe environment for letting out the tensions of your day. You get a great workout, and learn breathing techniques that melt your stresses away.

You do so much for your family, so this Father’s Day we are giving you XX days of fitness and martial arts classes. Our gift to the karate kid in you.

Fun and free, does it get any better than this?


You work hard – now come out, and play hard!

[Signed: Company Owner]

EMAIL #2:  Want to Start Something New This Father’s Day?

Dear [Client],

In case you are wondering, it is never too late to start a martial art. The key is to find the right teacher to work with.

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It is never too late to start, but this free offer expires soon.

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[Signed: Company Owner]


I had the great pleasure of contributing photographs for Surrey's Vital Signs 2016 report ~

Niko Productions - Manjit Bains - Photography - SurreyCares Vital Signs 2016




When's the last time someone read, you, a story?

LibriVox is a great service that offers free audiobooks for anyone to listen to, on their computers, iPods or other mobile device, or to burn onto a CD. 

Books are read by volunteers, and I've enjoyed being one :)

Here are chapters 6 & 7, read by yours truly, of William Henry Hudson's, A Crystal Age ~ Enjoy!




A fun evening with the lovely ladies from The Wisdom Club.

The ladies enjoyed an evening of:

  • Dressing up in elegant saris
  • Receiving henna (mehndi) tattoos
  • Putting on sparkling Indian jewellery
  • Dining at a local Indian restaurant
  • Dancing at an Indian wedding reception

Niko Productions - Manjit Bains - Sari Night in Surrey


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