STILLS: On a trip to India, these objects caught my old motorcycle parked under a tree, a bolted door that looks like it holds ancient secrets, and ginger root wedged between a pile of beets and carrots on a fruit juice stand in Northern Punjab.

THE GOLD BEGGAR LADY:  On that same trip, this lady approached the car, and asked for money.  She offered praises and blessing for me to have children (lots of boys!), and a long life...  So what stopped me from giving her money?  I was unemployed at the time (the trip was a gift from my parents), and here was a woman wearing GOLD bangles, a GOLD nose ring, GOLD caps on her two front teeth, and a GOLD coloured shawl, begging me for money!!!  In hindsight, I wish I'd given her something for letting me take these pictures.

NEIGHBORHOOD WALKS: It's very easy for me to get caught up in my imagination, and be somewhere without full awareness of my surroundings.  Taking pictures is one way I bring myself back into the moment.  These are some of the things that caught my eye.

CAPTURED: I am fascinated with capturing candid moments of emotion!  

The first picture is of a Bollywood Director on the set of his film.  I like the juxtaposition of reality facing shadow.  The tree growing UPwards, as he looks DOWNward.  Of nature which is never alone with a man who appears to be.

The second picture I love because it captures two generations of women, grandmother and granddaughter.  A wise SMILE on one face versus the SCOWL of youth on the other.  One TRADITIONAL head COVERing, and the other a MODERN UNCOVERed hairstyle.

The last shot is a picture of me at a wedding reception.  I loved the lights on the ceiling, and focused on that through my discomfort...due to an incorrect diagnosis from a village 'doctor', and incorrect prescription for antibiotics, I had lost my sense of smell, and therefore taste.  It wasn't until this moment that I began to appreciate why so much of our culture centers around 'tasting''s in part about 'tasting' LIFE!

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