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And Then There Was Me

🌟The 123s of how I came to be 🌟

Shall I tell you a story? ~

Painting with acrylics is fun and easy ~

I bought a couple of inexpensive canvases, picked a palette of colours, and then merged the two together using brushes and hands and rags.

Every painting has a different look and feel, but my earlier paintings were mostly dark and ugly. When I saw the connection, I stopped judging it and simply became aware of it. Being aware of it, my eyes became more open, and this brought in more light.

Painting with acrylics is fun and easy, once I stopped trying to create the perfect painting.

I love that the canvas can be painted over again and again, kinda like how we reinvent ourselves with each new breath.

This painting is actually one of my newer pieces. Similar to the acrylics, it’s an old oil painting that I painted over. Learning how to clean the brushes takes more knowledge and effort, and it takes a lot longer for the oils to dry, but I love the depth and richness it holds.

Sometimes it’s the darkness that is beautiful because of the equal potential it holds for brightness.

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Posted 3 weeks ago
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