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And Then There Was Me

🌟The 123s of how I came to be 🌟

Shall I tell you a story? ~

Me and the Seagulls ~
On a windy day in Coupeville
November 2017

Did you know that Yoda (Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back), doesn’t like seagulls? “SEAGULLS! (Stop It Now)”:

Coupeville is a town on Whidbey Island, in Island County, Washington, United States

Posted 10 hours ago

Drip 💧
Drip 💧
Drop 💦
Down from the mountaintop ⛰

Sumas Mountain, Abbotsford, BC 2017

Sumas Mountain, also referred to as Canadian Sumas to distinguish it from an identically-named mountain just south in Washington state, is a mountain rising from the floodplain of the Fraser River in the Lower Mainland of southwestern British Columbia, Canada 🇨🇦. SOURCE:

Sumas Mountain is one of the most familiar mountains in the Fraser Valley. Located along the north side of the Trans Canada Highway between Abbotsford and Chilliwack, the Sumas Mountain Trail is also part of the Centennial Trail ~ SOURCE:

Posted 1 week ago

Variety the Children’s Charity 2017 Christmas party

First Christmas card & Christmas party of the season thanks to Variety the Children’s Charity 🎈🎉🌟🎄

Posted 1 week ago

Water Seal

As I’m sitting on these concrete steps in Coupeville, Washington, watching the tide come in, this movement caught my eye.

I looked up and spotted a seal!!

This curious fellow came very close to the shallow waters where I was sitting enjoying my coffee.

My heart was beating so fast. I didn’t know if he was going to come out of the water to see what was in my hand.

He chased away the seagull,
and then swam further out
to watch me from a distance.

Highlight of my trip! :-)

Posted 2 weeks ago


Happy Thanksgiving Babes!
Amazing video from @bugsologist 🦋
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The blue butterfly 🦋, and some fascinating tidbits…

The Menelaus blue morpho is one of thirty species of butterfly in the Morphindae family. Its wingspan is approximately 12 cm, and its dorsal forewings and hindwings are a bright, iridescent blue edged … Wikipedia

Scientific name:

Morpho menelaus

Higher classification:








Did you know:

When resting, the blue morpho folds its wings in such a manner that only the underside shows.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Deception Pass Strait ~
Enjoy this scenic vista from the lookout point next to Deception Pass Bridge, on a windy November morning. The blustering wind made shooting handheld a challenge. I wonder how many sandbags I would’ve needed had I used my tripod. With these strong winds 🌬, my guess is 3.

According to Wikipedia:
Deception Pass is a strait separating Whidbey Island from Fidalgo Island, in the northwest part of the U.S. state of Washington. It connects Skagit Bay, part of Puget Sound, with the Strait of Juan de Fuca. A pair of bridges known collectively as Deception Pass Bridge cross Deception Pass, and the bridges are on the National Register of Historic Places.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Water trickles,
Water flows,
Down the creek bed it goes.

Water falls,
Water flows,
Water only follows…
The path of least resistance.


Harrison Hot Springs
Agassiz, BC Canada 🇨🇦 2017

Posted 4 weeks ago

Water minute;
Wait a minute;
What a minute!

Now say that tongue twister three times ;)

Harrison Hot Springs
Agassiz, BC Canada 🇨🇦

Posted 5 weeks ago
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<blockquote><p>Journal comic. Inktober day 22.</p></blockquote>


Journal comic. Inktober day 22.

Posted 5 weeks ago

Many years ago,
A village doctor in India,
gave me medication that
shut-off my sense of smell.

Come to think of it,
he may not have been a doctor after all,
but rather someone with access
to expired medications.

Five years later,
I’ve regained some sense of smell.

What I learned…

Tasting food is about tasting life;
Sinking our teeth into it;
Relishing each experience.
Losing my sense of smell,
and subsequent taste,
disconnected me from something that connects us all.

The blessing in disguise:
Becoming disconnected from others,
reconnected me to what was left…

I reconnected with
what is unique about me.
I am a storyteller.
I tell stories.
I write stories.
I create videos.

Another bonus:
I now understand why people take pics of their food ;)
Tasting food is one of the many ways we internalize this world, and enjoy this life.

May I ask, what are your unique gifts?

Posted 6 weeks ago
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