Something I learned early on, is to not-ask what your story is. 

Sure, you've already told me that it's a GREAT story, and that it needs to be told, but in my experience, when my curiosity is piqued and I ask you what that story is, telling it can be ...difficult? ...uncomfortable? ...too personal? ...hard to put into words?  So now, I don't ask that question directly.  I do more listening instead.  Works much better for you, and for me.

 A 25-year career, summarized in 1 minute and 16 seconds

Psychology ~ Finance ~ Film

  • My interest is people and relationships:  Associate of Arts Degree ~ Psychology
  • My experience is business and finance:  15+ years in the insurance and mutual fund industries
  • My passion is storytelling:  Film Production Diploma ~ Honours

25 years of progressive experience

I love connecting people with services!  I believe there is more than enough to go around, and the real solution (let's focus on solutions instead of stopping at the issues), is to connect the wonderful resources we have with those who want and need them, but may not be aware they exist.  We don't always know what's out there for us, until someone comes along and helps us.  This is where I come in.  I am a CONNECTOR.  I connect the dots.  I connect your stories, back to you.

Being a COPYWRITER, I excel at writing persuasive copy.  As an added challenge, I mainly work with service-based businesses.  Products are oh-so much easier to sell, but it's the valuable services that can't be held in our hands, or viewed with our eyes, that require a writer's skilled touch.  I express the subtleties and nuances of your service(s) to your audience, by first understanding how you want your clients to FEEL.

When I'm not writing, you will likely find me devouring a book.  Encouraging a love of reading is how I invest in the imagination and creativity of others.  Growing a new generation of readers is important...writers need readers after all.  I have a voracious appetite for learning, and reading is one of the ways that I invest in my craft.  Believe it or not, watching TV is another.  Sometimes it's the not-so-great programs that we learn more from, (hmmmm...what script would I have written for this commercial?)

I am a gifted storyteller.  I got it from my mama, (and from my papa :)  My nickname, Niko (Shorty), was given to me by my dad, and I seem to have embraced it on many levels.  I'm 5'1.5", and I like to keep the stories and videos match the attention span of our fast-paced world. 

WhO ~

I am a wonderfully weird writer & filmmaker

  • Reliable
  • Ethical
  • Professional

WhY ~

we want our audience to understand our message


What ~

I excel at turning difficult situations into wins

  • Generate creative ideas
  • Implement successful solutions
  • Build authentic relationships


connect with your audience, by simplifying your communication

  • i listen
  • I write
  • i create videos




i simplify communication