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Cannon Canyon:

The $375,999,999.98 vision

It started with a dream... patterns or colours?  (I chose colours).

There was transformation of pain into purpose. This part of the healing journey spanned more than two decades! 

While meditating on the size of my abundance container, I went from visualizing a vessel the size of my torso, to one that includes the approximate population of the North American continent.

What can I offer 376,000,000 people? 

Using my unique gifts as a writer, I am rewriting our relationship with food (regenerative agriculture), shelter (Cannon Canyon - wheelchair accessible homes that grow with us), and clothing (colours!  ... ah, so this is where the dream was leading).

What happens when we wear our best colours, and surround ourselves with them too?  I've been sharing my findings with you, each week on social media. 

Leap of Faith


Will it last 99 years? Who gets it then?
February 29, 2020: Sharing the 99-year Cannon Canyon vision (podcast & social media posts).
When I die, I don't want a mortgage. I don't want to pretend that I own anything. Reality: none of this belongs to us, it is all borrowed.
When we face our fear(s) around dying, we free ourselves for living. We start with food, shelter, and clothing...


Let's bring back nourishing foods that sustain us, instead of empty calories that fail to fill an emotional emptiness within us.

We have enough food to feed the world today, but we don't distribute it fairly. Why is that? A better question: How do we improve our distribution (our circulation)?   

The pee and the poo (urine and feces) that comes out of us is the same shit that grows what we eat and wear. When I am eating, I am ingesting myself.  

Regenerative Agriculture is the direction we're heading in.

What is regenerative agriculture?


Owning a home does not interest or motivate me. Caring for a home does.

Cannon Canyon is the 99-year guardianship lease of a parcel of land. As steward, I am responsible for bettering this land parcel.

Using regenerative agriculture practices to grow food and flowers, I increase soil health and biodiversity. Whatever I don't need or use is gifted away. Upon death, the land returns back to you.

Imagine homes that make sense, and are relatively maintenance-free for a lifetime. With unique plumbing, indoors and out, water is reused and renewed before it is returned to our oceans. Adaptable (modular) in nature, homes grow and expand along with our changing needs and desires. Renovation waste, and moving frequently, become ways of the past as we allow roots to form and our connection with the land to deepen.

Homes are constructed with lifetime accessibility in mind.

What I like in a home


In the spring of 2019, after several career pivots, I found myself unable to afford food and shelter. I had always worked hard, and given everything that I had, but kept little for myself and was having no fun. How did I end up here?!

I packed up my clothes, and stayed with family for a couple of months. When a past employer rehired me, I invested my salary in a COLOUR ANALYSIS.

Wait a moment, ... I thought this was about making the world a better place. Why are we talking about clothes?!

It's about clothing because when we look good, and feel good, we do better.

Having everything in my closet and home be something that I LOVE is an act of self-love. It is from this space that I form collaborations that make it easier, and more fun, for anyone wishing to also invest in themselves first.

What happens when trained colour analysts work with the fashion and manufacturing industries? We get accurate and consistent standardized SEASON COLOUR LABELS, and stop wasting energy and resources. We stop chasing fads. We are empowered to make the best informed decisions for ourselves, and all generations to come. This simple pivot makes fashion sense, financial sense, and ecological sense. We reduce our waste and pollution. We make informed decisions that beautify what is outside in harmony with what is inside.

Seeing the effects of our changes can be motivating, and clothing is one of the quickest ways to see the results of only buying what we know looks, and feels, good on us. We stop being swayed by the fashion industry. Instead, we empower ourselves to tell the fashion industry what we want. It serves us. We stop consuming it.

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